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St Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral June 6, 2011

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Cross section slab from a camphor tree that grew in the courtyard at St Peters cathedral in downtown St. Pete. The 100 year old tree had to be cut down a few years back. Lots of people made all sorts of things with the wood, I’ve been commissioned to turn it into a table that will be used as an altar periodically in the courtyard where the tree once stood.


Two great reasons to contract with Liberty Woodworking Inc. April 14, 2011

I donate company time and resources in order to help with the fundraising efforts of important charities in our community such as The Abilities Foundation, the Police Benevolent Association, All Children’s Hospital, Saddle up Riding Club, and more. When you buy from Liberty Woodworking, you help perpetuate my ongoing support of these vitally important organizations.
And another thing,
For every $100 spent at a locally owned business,
$45 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the city’s tax base. For every $100 spent at a national chain or franchise store, only $14 remains in the community.

When you buy from me, you are making an investment not only in your home, but in the environment and the local economy as well.


hooker game March 6, 2011

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directions to setup your hooker game:


custom cabinets March 3, 2011

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One thing I hear a lot is “I really like your work but I probably can’t afford to hire you to do my kitchen”

My cabinets are not expensive.

As a matter of fact I can give you a lot more for your money than anyone else.

 Okay hold on. If you’re seriously shopping at IKEA or looking at the DIY cabinet section at the local home center, you don’t need to read the rest of this.

Factory cabinets are cheap to make, and therefore cheap for a middleman to buy and in turn sell to you, the consumer. Any retailer buys the cabinets from a factory for less than half the sale price. When you buy from a retailer, less than 50% of your money is for the cabinet. How else do you think they are paying salespeople, advertising, and rent on the showroom? Retail space is very expensive. It dosent matter how great a deal you think you’re getting. If you spend $20,000 on your cabinets, you get cabinets worth $10,000.

Thats not to say I can do the job for any less. Usually my price is about the same or a little more. Some of these showrooms have some very nice-looking cabinets, so unless you know what to look for it can be really tough to see the difference. The difference is youre actually getting your money’s worth. When you buy from me, every dollar goes into the finished product.

Even the more expensive lines and brands you know and trust are using the cheapest tricks to max out profits. They have “soft closing doors” and “all steel drawer slides” and that’s sort of true. its also true that Macdonalds burgers are 100% beef.  Look in the back of the cabinet and you will see how it’s attached to some thin particle board with a flimsy plastic bracket.

The friendly sales staff will assure you that the quality is “Top of the line” and “never heard a complaint about these”

That’s nothing more than sales 101. They have to say that. If they talked about the particle board and how it’s all stapled together with plastic brackets and hot glue with Chinese hinges no one would ever buy that crap.

They like to say stuff like “Don’t worry, everything’s backed by the strongest warranty in the business.”

Surely by now we all know cheap plastic stuff breaks easily and particleboard melts in the humidity here in Florida.

The warranty means you’ll be waiting around the house for a subcontractor to show up and then tell you they have to order a cheap plastic part from the factory. Go ahead, call the store to complain about this injustice. You can stay on hold for as long as you like.

Many retailers offer “semi-custom” cabinets. What does that mean? Its a marketing scam. Semi custom is nothing more than a roaring rip-off. Semi custom means bigger profits and bigger smiles as they all laugh together hysterically.

Retailers cannot profit on custom cabinets without selling at a ludicrous price point. It is contrary to nature that custom work can be produced by the trainload in a huge factory full of minimum wage workers, so naturally it is impossible to buy custom work at a trainload volume discount. Don’t be persuaded to buy custom cabinets from a retailer.

 Make sure your contractor is properly licensed.  In Pinellas County at least, it takes about 2 minutes. Go to the PCCLB online database. A license by no means guarantees that the contractor is a keeper. You still need to check references and see examples of their work in order to decide if you’ve found the right one.

Not all custom shops do equal quality work. I am familiar with a number of reputable shops in this area that do excellent work. Unfortunately, that isn’t the story with every small shop. For some reason, a lot of the “custom” shops out there are replicating and in some cases simply re-branding cheap factory cabinets.

Its true with everything, if you want the best deal, the best product, you have to get to the source. The source is right here. I build the cabinets in my shop and install them myself.

I keep a low overhead. I do not have a showroom or employ salespeople, and I carry no inventory. I build it myself and I only use the best quality materials and hardware and workmanship. I don’t do anything with particleboard. I only use USA manufactured NAUF plywood for cabinet boxes. The functional hardware I use is imported from Germany and Austria, operates smoothly, and is built to last. 

 I give you premium quality for the standard price. You don’t have to join a club to buy direct from me.


Red Eucalyptus from Tarpon springs February 11, 2011

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Plenty big enough to make a nice conference table 14 foot big slabs

there is no stain on this piece or any other on this site.. Clear varnish only!


St. Pete Times article

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online store February 7, 2011

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please shop at my online store on Etsy

online store


local urban wood samples January 14, 2011

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set of samples to show the incredible wood that grows right here in pinellas county


conference table January 10, 2011

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Recently, Ive been commissioned to build several conference tables. All of these are about 48″ wide by 96″ long. I have used different styles of bases on each, one is steel, the other is clear acrylic, and then theres the wood, which is the one I think looks the best so far. I would like to come up with a steel base design that I like though. The rosewood table is in fact in a dining room, but i’ve included it here anyway. The Redgum eucalyptus is drying right now, and will be ready to make a nice table in about a month or so. Enjoy, Billy D.

sapele conference table

australian cypress conference table

australian cypress conference table

rosewood table

rosewood table

redgum eucalyptus

fresh cut redgum eucalyptus


exciting new movie December 18, 2010

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find out in less than 3 minutes what its all about at the liberty woodworking shop. you get to see exclusive photos that have never before been released! A narrated explanation of the process, the product, and the materials that go into it all. Enjoy!


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